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Biggs Family History - Page 4


The following is an extract from the "Extinct Baronetage"

Bigg of Lenchwick and Norton

Created 15th May 1620. extinct June 11th 1621. Thomas son of John Bigg of Sherborne and Radford in Gloucestershire was of Lenchwick in the county of Worcestershire. He died 25th June 1581 aged 74 leaving by Magdalen his wife, sister to Sir Philip Hoby, a son and successor, Sir Thomas Bigg of Lenchwick who received the honor of knighthood July 23rd 1603.

This gentleman erected the house at Lenchwick. He wedded Ursula, fourth daughter of Clement Throckmorton Esq. of Hazeley, Warwickshire and had issue:-

1. Thomas, his heir; 2. Edward; 3. Clement; 4. Samuel.

1. Katherine married to Richard Fox Esq., of Chacombe in Northampton, whose representative, is the present Fiennis Wickham Martin Esq., of Chacombe.

2. Ann married to John Wright Esq., of East Mayne, Hants.

3. Mary married to Thomas Ficarne.

4. Elizabeth married to T. Freme of Lypyate, Gloucestershire Esq.

5. Ursula.

Sir Thomas Bigg of Lenchwick who died May 4th 1613 was succeeded by his son Thomas Bigg of Lenchwick who was created Baronet 15th May 1620. Dying the 11th June next year the title became extinct.

His widow, daughter of William Withan of Leadstone Esq., Yorkshire wedded secondly Sir John Walter, Chief Baron of the Exchequer. Sir Thomas sold the estates of Lenchwick and Norton to the first Lord Craven. Arms presented to John Bigg by Edward 4th in the 15th year of his reign: Argent on a fess between three martlets sable as many annulets or.


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