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Craft Shopping

Resin & Clay Supplies

2 BEAD or Not 2 BEAD Polymer Clay, Polymer Clay Tools, Paverpol Colours, Tools, Transparent, Paverpol Paste.
ALDAX RESIN: How to Make Resin Jewellery Kit, Clear Cast Liquid Plastic for Crafts Kit, Clear Casting Epoxy Resin, Epoxy Clear Casting Resin, Polyester Clear Casting Resin & Fibreglass, Polyurethane Casting Resin, Casting Kits.
CLAY: Apoxie Sculpt, DAS, Klean Klay, Roma Plastelina.
MOULDS: Aldax Plastelina, Mould Making Silicone, Candle, Chess, Concrete & Garden, Chocolate, Jewellery Embedding, Kits, Latex, Latex Rubber, Plastic, Soap, Polyurethane Mould Making Rubber.
Metal Powders, Release Agents, Sealers, Books, Videos & DVDs, Over-N-Over Stencils, Rub N Etch Stencils, Paint Sets, Poster Paint, Fillers, Plaster, Gypsum, Cement, Mixers, Stirrers, Measures, Pigments, Oxides. TECHNIQUES & TIPS. (22a Bearne St Mordale NSW)
AMC ADELAIDE MOULDING & CASTING RESIN: Epoxy Resin, Standard Slow Fast Hardener, Aluminium Granules, Aluminium Powder, Brass Powder, Bronze Powder, Copper Powder, Iron Powder, Marble Chips, Omyacarb 40, Pale Gold Powder, Premium Litefill, Rich Gold Powder, Rich Pale Gold Powders, Silver Dust, Slate Powder, Stainless Steel Powder, Tin Poder, Vermiculite, Industrial Talc, Q-cel Filler, Zap-a-gap Filler, Zap CA, Z-poxy Clear, Zip Kicker Accelerator, Z-7 Debonder, Fiber-Poxy Fiberglass Adhesive, Z-End Extender Tips, 105A Resin, Adhesives, Fillers & Facecoats for Resins, Pigments & Dyes, Polyurethane Resin & Foam, Release Agents, Resin Jewellery Supplies.
CLAY: Apoxie Sculpt, Chavant Sulphur Free Clays, Kato non-sticky Poly Clay, Kato Blades, Klean oil-based Klay, Leisure Clay, Makins Air Dry Clay, Milliput 2-part epoxy bonding Clay, P40 dense Clay, Plasticine, Roma never-harden Clay, Walkers White Pottery Clay.
SCULPEY: 40 colours, Softener, Glaze, Granitex, Eraser Clay, Super ceramic-like Sculpey, Original, Super Flex, Bulk Pack.
Airbrush & Compressors Iwata, Alginates Dental & Lifecasting, Books & eBooks, Carbon Fibre, Dental Supplies, DVD's & Videos, Fibreglass Supplies & Tools, Flexivinyl, Forton MG, Gift Vouchers, Gypsum & Casting Plaster, Information Sheets, Isopropyl Alcohol 100%, Iwata Airbrushes and Compressors, Kits, Latex-use Brush & Spray, Low Melt White Metal Alloys, Makins Cutters, Makins Push Moulds, Makins Texture Sheets, Measuring, Metallic Paints & Patinas, Mixing Equipment, Nail & Body Art Airbrush, Oxides, Pigments & Dyes, RTV Silicones, Safety Equipment, Sculpting Supplies & Tools, Second Hand Equipment, Special Effects Makeup, Vacuum Chamber, Wax - Coloured U.V., Wax - Jewellery (Adelaide Moulding & Casting Supplies 735B Marion Rd Ascot Park SA 5043 Ph 0882777278)
ARMS MODELIT Alginates/Lifecasting, Books,eBooks, DVD's, Casting Alloys, Clays, Apoxie & Epoxy Clays, Chemicals & Solvents, Equipment, Fibreglass, Fillers, Finishes - Creative Effects, Metal Finishes, Finishes, Paints & Inks, Patinas, Primers & Sealers, Forton MG®, Glues, Gypsums, Plasters & Stones, Kits, Lure Making Supplies, Magazines, Metal Sheets, Shim & Wire, Mixing, Measuring & Dispensing, Moulds Plaster Casting, Moulds Resin Casting, Moulds Resin Jewellery, Paper Mache Shapes, Pigments, Powders & Oxides, Plastics, Release Agents, Resins, Resin Jewellery Supplies, Sanding & Polishing, Sculpting Supplies, Silicone Rubbers (RTV) & Latex, Special Effects Make Up, Tools Hobby, Tools Jewellery Coming Soon, Tools Sculpting Coming Soon, Waxes.
ART CLAY SILVER Art Clay Silver 650 Series - Clay, Paste, Syringe, Silver Overlay Paste.
Art Clay Silver 650 Slow Dry Series - Clay.
Art Clay Original Series - Paper, Oil Paste, Gold k22, Art Clay Gold Paste.
Art Clay Silver Slow Tarnish Series - Clay, Paste, Syringe.
Fine Silver - Silver Flakes, Wire, Findings.
Kits - Starter Set Pendant, Books, Videos, Files, Agate Burnisher, Stainless Steel Brush, Wood Ring Mandrel, Small Burnisher, Oyumaru, Rubber Block (2" cube), Rubber Block 2”x2”x4”, Stainless steel net & protection net, Core Cork Clay, Aussie Charm Kit & Kit Expander, Nets, Torch, Aussie Burnishers Brushes Polishers Findings Glass Tools.
ASTONISHING ART & CRAFT LaDoll Air-Dry Clay, Premier Air Dry Clay, Powertex Textile Hardener, Polystyrene, Paints and Pigments, Accessories, Books, Masks/Moulds.
BEADS AT BIJOUX Non-stick Work Board, Brass Brush, Block Rubber, Hand Conditioner, Burnisher, Yweezers, Clay Tools, PMC3 Silver Art Clay, Paste, Tissue Blade, Cork Clay, Badger Balm, PMC Sheet, Makins Texture Sheets, Kato Polyclay, Premo Sculpey, Syringe Keeper, Graduated Slat Set, Solderite Board, Super Clicer, Clay Gun Set, Pearlex Metal Powders, Glaze, Clay Rollers, Ruler, Liquid Sculpey, Omni Gel, Shapelets, Push Molds, Stamplets.
BUNYAN FILMS Casting & Moulding Casting Materials, Moulding Materials, Celluclay, Modelling Materials, Hyperlast Moulding & Casting Page, Flexible Mould, Rigid Resin, Aristocrat Liquid Glass, Casting Metals and Related Materials, Alginate, Aqua-Resin®, Modelling Tools, Measuring Equipment, Embedding Resin Moulds, Balsa Foam Carving Material, Modelling Wires, Finishes for Plaster/Resin, Metal Powders & Tinters, Coating Resins.
CARMATECH Candle Making, Clay Cutter, Clay Gun, Cookie Cutters, Das, Embossing Foil, General, Glazes, Liquid Latex, Magnetic, Modelling clay, Masks & Moulds, Modeline, Modelling, Modelling Tools, Mosaics, Paverpol, Plaster, Plasticine, Rolling Pins, Superlite, Walkers.
CLAY PRINCESS AIR DRY CLAY: Artistone, Darwi, Efaplast, Grace, Hearty, Japanese Cream Clay, LaDoll, Premier, Sculptamold.
BOOKS: Air Dry Clay, Beading, Dolls, Dollhouse and Miniature, General Crafts, Painting, Polymer Clay, Resin Jewellery, Wire and Metal Clay.
RESIN: EasyCast Resin, Envirotex Coating, Inks, Dyes, Books & Guides, Molds, Mold Release.
Bake and Bend Clay, Clay Cutters, Embossing, Eraser Clay, Finishing (Krylon, Lacqers, Glazes & Gloss, Rub 'n' Buff), Friendly Plastic, Ink Jet Clear Shrink Film, Jacquard PearlEx, Jewellery Components, Metal Leaf, Miniatures, Molding and Casting, Molds, Original Artwork, Paints, Crayons & Pencils, Kits, Paper Craft, Polymer Clay, Projects, Resin Jewellery, Textures & Shapelets, Tools, Air Brushes, Carving & Cutting, Clay Guns, Extruders, Mats, Rollers & Shapers, Tool Sharpening, Work Lamps, Embossing Heat Tool, Tweezers, Brushes.
Craftworkz Adhesives, Air Drying Clay, Aristocrat Liquid Glass, Bag Handles, Beading Supplies, Beads (Glass, Metallic, Plastic, Wood), Bear Making, Bon Bons, Bells, Books, Brass Corners, Brass Hardware, Candlemaking, Caneware, Chenille Stems, China Knot, Clear Boxes, Clock Movements, Cords, Cupie Dolls, Cutting Mats, Decorations, Embroidery Hoops, Eyelets, Eyes, Feathers, Floral Supplies, Foam Sheets and Shapes, Glitter, Gloss Kote, Headbands, Hobby Knives and Blades, Hobby Supplies (Craft Sticks, Matchsticks, Pegs), Honeycomb Mesh, Jewellery Components, Jewellery Pliers, Leather Thonging, Magnets, Masks, Metal Wire rings, Organza Bags, Packaging (Bags, Bottles, Vials), Paint Products, Paper Mache Products, Pins, Plaster Making, Plastic Mesh Sheets, Plastic PVC Sheets, Plastic Tubing, Polystyrene Shapes, Pom Poms, Raffia, Rhinestones, Ribbons, Safety Pins, Scissors, Scrapbooking, Sequins, Scatters, Starfish, Star Garland, Terracotta Pots, Textiles (Felt, Calico, Cork, Hessian, Jute, Wadding), Wire Fairy Wings, Wood Products (Boxes, Cutouts, Frames, Letters, Numbers, Mirrors, Pegs, Plaques, Spools).
ECLECTIC STUDIO PMC: Fimo, Premo Sculpey, Standard, Sheet, Wood Clay, Metal Foil, Fine Silver Casting Grain, Gold Low Fire, Syringe, Paste, Aura Gold.
JEWELLERY FINDINGS: Bezels, Ring Liners, Ring Bands, Tubing Curved, Tubing Straight, Earwires V Wires, Earwires Fish Hooks, Earwires Leverbacks, Earwires French, Jump Rings, Beads & Balls, Wire.
BOOKS: Beading, Craft, Jewellery Crafts, Polymer Clay, Inspiration, Precious Metal Clay, Wire Work.
RESIN: Books, Resin, EasyCast, Silicon Rubber, Pigments, Dyes, Supplies.
MOULDS: Alphabet, Coins, Crosses, Discs Buttons and Frames, Egyptian, Hearts, Language, Locks and Keys, Masks - Profiles, Nature, Various, Sherri Haab Resin Moulds.
Dichroic Glass, Tools & Grinders, Jewellery, Tools, Clay Cutters, Firing Tools, Butane Torch, Hand Tools, Kilns, Solderite Board, Roller, Tool Set, Files, Hammers, Copper Pickle Tongs, Saw Frame, Tweezers, Paints, Powders and Pencils, Liquid Clay and Varnish, Foils, Paper and Transfers, Faux Bone, Plexiglass Sheets.
Golding Craft Activity Kits, Bag Making, Bamboo Curtains, Beading, Bells, Books, Braids (Maori), Buttons, Christmas Bon Bons & Snaps, Cake Decorations, Candle Making, Cane & Seagrass, Chenille Sticks, Christmas Stockings, Coat Hangers, Cork, Craft Papers, Craft Wire, Crochet, Decals, Decoupage, Digital Media (CDs DVDs Videos), Dolls Faces Houses & Stands, Embellishments, Enamelling Books Metal Pieces Tools, Etching, Eyelets & Accessories, Feathers, Flocking, Floral Artistry, Foamies, Friendly Plastic, Gilding, Glue Dots, Hardware, Home Decor, Iron ON Motifs, Jewellery, Jute, Kaleidoscope Papers, Kids Corner, Knitting, Lace Making, Leatherwork, Macrame, Magnets, Magnifiers, Memory Albums, Mirros, Modelling, Mosiacs, Moulds, Needlework, Organizers, Paint, Papercraft, paper Punches, Paper Tole, Patchwork, Paua Pieces, Rexlace Plastic Lace, Polymer Clay, Polystyrene, Patchwork Quilting & Applique, Ribbon, Rubber Stamping, Rugmaking, Sand Painting, Scissors, Schmelzolan (Melting & Forming Plastic), Scrapbooking, Scratch Sticket, Sealing Wax & Seals, Sequins, Shrink Plastic, Soapmaking, Soft Toys, Solvy, Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl, Grandma's Stain Remover, Stencils, Stickers, Stone & Wood Carving, Tatting, Teabag Folding Papers & Books, Texture Plates, Threads & Cottons, Tissue Paper, Transfer Paper, Twin Pointed Needles (Bigeye), Weaving Loom, Miracle Wipes, Whitewood Boxes, Wood Wheels, Work Lights, Wreaths.
Joann BEADS: 14K Gold, Acrylic, Clay, Crystals, Gemstones, Glass, Magnetic, Metal, Natural, Pearls, Seed, Semi Precious, Sterling Silver, Strung. OTHER: Books, Charms, Findings, Jewelry Kits, Pendants, Storage, Stringing, Tools, Bead Making Tools, Watch Supples. CRAFT: Fabric, Sewing, Quilting, Knit, Crochet, Home, Holidays, Kids Crafts, Cake Decorating, Needlecraft, Wood Crafts, Fine Art, Decorative Painting, Purse Making, T-shirts, Clay, Candle & Soap Making, Paper Mache, Decoupage, Lighting, Storage, Craft Clearance.
KRAFTY LADY ART MOULDS©: Faces and Goddesses, Funky Alphabet, Textures All, Torsos, Kiwi Impressionz Pacific Series, Jewell Lewis's Bears.
Stamps, Acrylic Shapes, Frames, Liquid Amber, Moulding Paste, Templates, Stamp Shapes, Books and Tags, Boxes and Containers, Fantasy Film, Jewellery and Gifts, Jewellery Mould Sets, Krafty Acrylic Shapes (KAS), Krafty Lady Templettes, R&P Stamps, Stampscapes, Scrapbooking, delight Modeling Compound, Dominoes, Dice, Eyelets, Butane Torch, Magic Mat, Brushes, Metallic Wearables, Book, Lumieres, Papermache, Tags.
METAL CLAY PMC: Art Clay Silver (ACS) & Gold, Art Clay Silver 650 Series, Art Clay Silver Slow Dry, Art Clay Silver Slow Dry, Art Clay Silver (ACS)Books, Bronze Metal Clay, DVDs, Cutters, Dichroic Glass, Enamel Supplies, Findings, Chains and Cords, Firing, Metal Clay Safe Gemstones, Gift Certificates, Metal Clay Kits, Makins Air Dry Clay, Metal Clay Materials, Metal Clay Tools, Moulding Material, Art Mould© Sets, Art Mould© Singles, Makins Moulds, Polymer Clay, Polymer Clay Materials, Polymer Clay Tools Makins, Polymer Clay Tools Various, Precious Metal Clay (PMC), Makins Texture Sheets, Texture Sheets, Texture Tips.
MR. CRAFT Moulds, Resin & Latex Rubber, Balsa Wood Pack, Construction Wire, Das Clay, Instamold, Instant Paper Mache, Liquid Latex, Perma Stone, Perspex Squares, Rigid Wrap Plaster Bandage, Wireform Sheets, Celluclay, Flexible Wire, Model Magic.
OVER THE RAINBOW CLAY & POLYMER CLAY: Polymer Clay, Air Dry Clay, Air Dry Clay, Kato Poly Clay, Fimo, Sculpey, Liquid Polymer Clay, Bead Piercing Tools & Drills, Clay Extruders, Clay Extruders, Clay Modelling Tools, Roller, Pasta Machine, Ruler, Sanding, Buffing, Shape Cutters, Slicing Blades, Colour Wheel, Oven Thermometers, Bead Rollers, Clay Softeners, Foil, Pearl-Ex, Rub n Buff, Iridescent Flakes & Glitter, Fantasy Film & Fiber, Glue & Repel Gel, Clay Texture Sheets & Stamps, Microbeads, Moulds, Textile Traditionals/Dye-na-Flow, Lumiere, Neopaque & Pinata Paint, Prismacolor Pencil Sets, Varnishes & Lacquers, Transfer Sheets & Gel, Aristocat, Dimensional Gloss.
PRECIOUS METAL CLAY: PMC 3 Clay & Kits, PMC Books, PMC Tools.
RESIN: Books, Inks & Dyes, Jewellery Kit, Moulds, Mold Release, Conditioner, Sprinkles, Clear Casting Resin, Envirotex Lite Epoxy Coating. (Southbank Sunday Craft Market Melbourne Yarra River Promenade beneath the Concert Hall & Art Gallery)
Paper Place, TheModeline Polymer Clay products
PHOTO JEWELRY MAKING Photo Bracelets, Photo Keychains, Photo Pins And Brooches, Sterling Silver Bracelets, Italian Photo Charm kits, Italian Photo Charms(All), Superlink Photo Charms, 13mm Blank Photo Charms, Italian Charms, 16mm Blank Photo Charms, Shaped Italian Photo Charms, Mega Blank Photo Charms, Photo Charm Clear Coating, Easy Photo Charm Software, Easy Textmaker Software, Photo Pendants, Sterling Silver Photo Jewelry, Circle Photo Jewelry, Dangle Photo Charms, European Photo Beads, Photo Memories In a Bottle, Photo Watches, Photo Belt Buckles, Chokers and Necklaces, Photo Lockets, Magnifiers and Craft Tools, Starter Bracelets, Fun Photo Jewelry, Cell Phone Photo Jewelry, Charm Box, Scrapbook Photo Jewelry, Altered Art, Wedding Photo Jewelry, Father Days Gift Ideas, Beading, Mothers Day Photo Jewelry, Toggles for Bracelets, Convert MM to Inches, Baby Photo Jewelry, Photo Necklace Bails, Christmas Photo Gifts, Photo Jewelry Gallery, Pet Photo Jewelry, Custom Made Photo Jewelry Photo Bags.
RED BALLOON DAYS BEADS: With this resin jewellery and mould making kit you can make resin jewellery in the comfort of your home. You can design your own resin jewellery, make the mould and create your own original-design resin bangles, rings and pendants. Get creative and make some beautiful resin jewellery today! The fun begins when your resin jewellery and mould making kit arrives at your door. Get set for hours of resin jewellery making fun! Your kit contains everything you need to design your own jewellery, create a mould and turn your original designs into an individual range of resin jewellery. The simple-to-follow instructions and easy-to-use resin means that no prior resin jewellery making experience is necessary.
Solid Solutions Health & Safety, Measuring and Mixing, Body Casting, Books, Videos, Anoacrylate, Epoxy Resin, Fibreglass Materials, Fillers, Extenders, Foam Sheet, Latex Rubber, Metal Alloys, Miscellaneous Products, Pigments, Dyes, Plasters, Clays, Polyester Resins, Polyurethane, Systems, Release Agents, Resin Jewellery, SiliconeRubbers, Solvents, Thinners, Specials, Telecom Epoxy Cable Jointing, Wax Materials. (© 2005 Solid Solutions, British United Industries (Vic) Pty Ltd East Bentleigh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Sunrise Imports BEADS: Acrylic, Bulk, Cats Eye, Cloisonee, Crystal, Display, Foil, Glass, Magnetic Hematite, Metal, Metalized Plastic, Pandora, Plastic, Polymer Clay, Resin, Semi Precious, Simulated Pearl, Spacers, Wood. OTHER: Acrylic Rhinestone Flat Back, Charms, Cord, Findings, Jewellery, Jewellery Pouchs, Kits, Jump rings, Necklace Components, Pendants, Pliers, Rhinestone Spacers, Sterling Silver, Thread, Tools, Wire.
SYMPATICA PMC: Clay, Paste, Sheet, Syringe, Kits & Starter Packs, Mixed Resin & Clay Set, Ring Sizer, Roller, Coil Roller, Liver of Sulphur, RTV Molding, Rubber Block, Templates, Texture Mats, Wax Balm, Burnisher, Tool Kit, Needle Tool, Wire Brush.
RESIN: 5 Colour Kit.
Cubic Zirconia, Fine Silver Prong Settings, Butane Torch, Firing Tile, Polishing, Finishing, Krafty Lady Moulds (suits PMC and Resin).
Zigzag NZ We are suppliers of Polyform Products - Premo, Sculpey III, Super Sculpey, EZ release Moulds, Bake & Bend, Eraser Clay, Liquid Sculpey, Glazes, Tools and accesories. Jacquard Products - Lumiere Paint, Neopaque paint, Pinata Inks, Dye-na-flow paint, Jacquard Textile colours, Jacquard Procion dyes, Jacquard Acid dyes. Artistic Wire - Buy the dozen packs, Dispenser packs in 20g, 22g, 24g, 28g, 32g, Wire Writer, Wire Jig and other tools. Krafty Lady Art Moulds - Flexible "Art" Moulds. Fimo Polymer Clays - Fimo classic, Fimo soft, Puppen Fimo, Glazes and accessories. Dukit Polymer Clay - Full range of 50g and 250g bars. Friendly Plastic - Full colour range in 7" sticks. Craft Smart Adhesives - Acid Free Craft glue, Liquid gloss, Glaze Paste, Off 'n' On glue, Tacky glue, No More Pins, Fray Stop, P.V.A. glue, Kiddies glue

Craft Shopping