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Craft Shopping
Jewellery & Silverwork Tools
2 BEAD or Not 2 BEAD Lortone Tumbler & Steel Shot, Soldering Block, Sterling Silver Casting Grains.
A & E METAL METALS: Brass, Copper, Gilding, Gold 9ct 18ct 22ct 24ct, Gold Bonded, Nickel Silver, Fine Silver, Spinning Silver, Sterling Silver, Platinum, Titanium.
WIRE: Artistic 18ga-32ga, Brass, Copper, Gold Filled, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, Titanium.
OTHER: Anvil, Binding Wire, Chasing Hammer, Drill Bits, Flux, Hypo Cement, Loctite 401, Pewter Casting Rods, Pliers, Polishing Compound, Reamer, Sandpaper, Saw Blades, Saw Frame, Settings Bezel Cabochon Claw Cup, Solder Copper Gold Silver, Tweezers.(Suite 106 89 York St Sydney NSW)
AMC SUPPLIES Airbrush & Compressors Iwata, Alginates- Dental & Lifecasting, Books & eBooks, Carbon Fibre, Clays & Apoxy Clays, Dental Supplies, DVD's & Videos, Epoxy Resins & Adhesives, Fibreglass Supplies & Tools, Fillers & Facecoats for Resins, Flexivinyl, Forton MG, Gift Vouchers, Gypsum & Casting Plaste, Information Sheets, Isopropyl Alcohol 100%, Iwata Airbrushes and Compressors, Kits, Latex- Brush & Spray, Low Melt White Metal Alloys, Measuring, Metallic Paints & Patinas, Miscellaneous, Mixing Equipment, Nail & Body Art - Airbrush, Oxides, Pigments & Dyes, Polyurethane Resin & Foam, Release Agents, Resin Jewellery Supplies, RTV Silicones, Safety Equipment, Sculpting Supplies & Tools, Second Hand Equipment, Special Effects Makeup, Vacuum Chamber, Wax- Coloured U.V., Wax- Jewellery (Adelaide Moulding & Casting Supplies 735B Marion Rd Ascot Park SA)
AUSSIE SAPPHIRE Blank Jewellery Settings, Books, Digital Vernier Calipers, DVDs, Faceting Machines, Faceting Supplies, Gem (Carat) Scales, Gem Display, Gemology Tools, Gemstones Australia, Gemstone Cabochons, Gemstone Facet Rough, Grit-Polish-Media, Jewellery, Lighting, Loupes, Magnifying, Round Diamond Blades, Scoops, Sorting Trays,T rim/Slab Saws, Tumblers, Tweezers.
AJS AUSTRALIAN JEWELLERS SUPPLIES Abrasive, Beading, Books, Burs, Carving Waxes, Casting Injection Waxes-Invest & Burnout-Melt Furnaces & Alloys-Machines Small-Machines Large Moulds-Safety, Cleaners Ultrasonic & Polishing, Colorit, Cool Tool Unimat, Display, Drilling - Engraving, Files, Forming, Gauges, Gemmological, Hand Tools, Magnifiers, Packaging, Plating, Pliers, Rolling Mills - Manual & Power, Sawing, Scales, Setting, Soldering, Sundries, Tumbling, Tweezers, Watchmakers, Welding, Wiredrawing, Findings, The Cool Tool. (Cnr Albert St & Burnett Lane, Brisbane 3218 6600)
Bernie's Lapidary USA. Designer Jewelry, Abrasives, Anvils, Benches, Bench Tools, Brushes, Buffs, Burnishers, Burs, Casting, Chasing, Cleaning, Collectables, Dapping, Display, Drawing, Drilling, Engraving, Files, Findings, Flex Shafts, Gauges, Gemstones, Gifts, Gravers, Hammers, Knives, Mallets, Magnetic Tumblers, Magnifiers, Mandrels, Metal, Metal Testing, Mountings, Pickling, Plating, Pliers, Polishing, Rock Tumblers, Rolling Mills, Riflers, Saws, Saw Blades, Scissors, Screw drivers, Setting Tools Clamps Holders, Scrapers, Silversmith Tools & Supplies, Soldering Tools Clamps Holders, Stakes, Torches & Accessories, Tweezers, Vises
Burfitt SCISSORS: Barber, Cuticle, Dressmaking, Embroidery, Hospital, Quilting, Scissor Protectors.
Pliers Jewellery Beading, Clamps for Bears & Dolls, Craft & Modelling Tools, Dental Tools, Tweezers, Micro Cutters.T/as Running With Scissors, Ocean Reef, WA
CRAFT On The INTERNET Anvil, Flux, Sterling Silver, Tools(Taree NSW)
Cut and Slice Tools and Equipment to Jewellers, Gem-cutters, Hobbyists and Collectors.
25 Keilambete Road, Rubyvale, QLD
Futura Gems Micromotors, Mini tools, Diamond burrs, Carbide burrs, Diamond files, Drill bits, Grinding wheels, Diamond discs, Diamond paste, Digital gauges, Digital scales, Other
Gemcuts Adhesives, Carving Tools & Equipment, Cratex Rubberised Abrasives, Cutting & Polishing Machinery, Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Plated Drills, Faceting Equipment, Final Polishing Equipment, Jewellery Tools & Products, Loupes & Magnifiers, Silicon Carbide Products, Templates, Wheels, Drums, Disks & Belts
gemhuntershaven Abrasives, Adhesives, Clock Movements, Diamond Saw Blades, Display Boxes, Dremel Parts & Spares, Gems, Lapidary & Facetting Hardware, Lapidary Tools, Laps, Laps - Diamond, Machinery, Miscellaneous, Polishers, Snap-In Findings, Soldering Requirements, Sterling Silver Sheet, Sterling Silver Wire.
HOBBY TOOLS O-Rings, Pins, Clips, Springs, Carving tools, Clamps, Dental picks, probes, scribers and carvers, Drill bits, sets, Hand Drills and accessories, Engraving tools, Files, Glues & Cyanoacrylates, Hammers, Hand Tools, Hardware, Hot wire foam cutter, Inspection mirrors and pick up tools, Knives - hobby knives, knife sets, Lubricants, Magnifiers and loupes, Measuring and marking, Mitre boxs, Modelling putty or epoxy, Nailers, Paint Brushes, Pick up tools, Planes and spokeshaves, Pliers, snips and cutters, Power Tool Accessories, Punches, Pyrographic Equipment, Safety, Sanding tools and paper, Saw Blades - Jewellers, coping and jnr hacksaw, Saws - razor, jewellers, coping and mitre box sets, Scribers and picks, Soldering, Spanners Mini, Squares - miniature, Tool boxes, parts boxes, Tool holders, pin vices, Tool kits, Tube cutters, Turntables, Tweezers and hemostats, Vices, Wood working tools
Hot Dot Designs Beads, Jewellery, Jewellery making Tools, Wire.
House Of Jewellery Abrasives, Adhesives, Beading, Benches, Books and Videos, Burs, Busch Burs, D&Z Diamond Burs, Diamond Burs, Casting, Alloys and Solders, Investment, Kerr, Melting, Molding Rubber & Accessories, Wax Working Tools, Waxes, Yasui Cleaning, Dental, Display Material, Acrylic Display, New Wave, Engraving, Gravers, GRS Tools, Sharpening, Findings, Flexi Shaft Motors, Handpieces & Accessories, Handpieces, Gemmological Supplies, Hand Tools, Files, Hallmarking Tools, Hammers and Mallets, Hand Drills, Saw Frames and Blades, Setting Tools, Soldering Tools, Handpiece Accessories, Jewellery Rolls, Lighting, Measuring, Gauges, Testing Tools, Metal Forming, Ring Tools, Rolling Mills, Smithing, Micro Motors, Optical, Imaging, Loupes, Magnifiers, Microscopes, Order Sheet, Pliers and Cutters, Scissors and Shears, Polishing Equipment & Accessories, Dust Extractors, Metal Finishing, Plating Equipment, Tumblers and Accessories, Ultrasonic Cleaners & Accessories, Presentation Packaging, Gemstone Packaging, Jewellery Presentation Packaging, Retail, Pricing Products, Safety Equipment, Scales, Technical Information, Tweezers, Vise, Watch Repair, Oilers and Lubricants.
(Level 4-231 George St Cnr Burnette Lane Brisbane Level 6 89 York St Sydney NSW)
jewelry Supply USA (ships to australia). Anvils, Mandrals, Bench Lamps, Bench Tools, Burs, Drill Bits, Flex Shaft Machines, Glues, Solvents, Hammers, Cleaners, Pliers, Polishes, Punches, Abrasives, Safety Glasses, Saw Blades, Saws, Screwdrivers, Soldering, Tweezers, Watch Repair, Wire Wrapping.
KOODAK Non Ferrous Alloy Flux, Silver Alloy Flux, Wire Solder, Boards, Heat Bricks, Blocks, Cooling Paste, Insulated Tweezers, Binding Wire, Non Insulated Tweezers, Reamer, Steel Block, Bench PegRing Bender, Saw Blades, Hammers, Files, Adjustable and Non Adjustable Saw Frames, Wire Jigs, Craft Wire, Ultrasonic, Opti Visor.
OTHER: Adhesives, Bead Board, Books, Chain, Enameling, Findings, Glue, 14K Gold Findings, Sterling Silver Findings, 925 Silver Cable, Bylon Cord, Silk Thread, Steel Flex-wire Cable, Griffin, Softflex, Lighting, Magnefication, Measuring, Weighing, Pliers, Stringing, Tools, Wirework, Polishing, Cleaning, 925 Silver Cable Neck-wires, Neoprene Necklets, Polished Cotton Necklace. (4th Floor 125 Swanston St Melbourne)
Peppertown's Gemworld Beads, Books, Glass Beadmaking Supplies, Jewellery Findings, Lapidary Accessories, Machinery, Rocks, Tools. (1908 Sandgate Rd Virginia)
metamorphi lapidary supplies
Rubyvale Cut & Slice Beading Tool Kit, Burrs, Crucibles & Ingots, Diamond Carving Points, Diamond Files, Diamond Laps, Diamond Paste, Diamond Powder, Diamond Wheels, Diamond Saw Blades, Display, Flexshafts, Gas Torches, Gemmological, Gemstones, Jewellery Tools, Lapidary Supplies, Lights, Magnifiers & Loupes, Measuring/Gauges, Miscellaneous, Rolling Mills, Scales, Sieves, Tweezers & Prongs. (25 Keilambete Road Rubyvale, Q 4702)
Shelleys Lapidary Supplies Binoculars & Monoculars, Magnifiers & Loupes, Microscopes, Biological or Compound, Microscopes, Stereo or Dissecting, Specialised Equipment & Accessories, Spotting Scopes, Telescope Accessories & Parts, Telescope Eyepieces, Barlows & Filters, Telescopes, Accessories for Machines, Accessories for Opal Cutting, Adhesives, Books, Magazines & Posters, Carving Tools, Diamond Compound, Diamond Plated Discs, Diamond Plated Grinding Wheels, Diamond Plated Laps, Diamond Powder, Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Saw Blades, Diatrenn, Diamond Spray, Display Cases & Plastic Boxes, Dopping Waxes, Drills & Accessories, Faceting Machines, GEMMASTA Faceting Machines, GEMMASTA Grinders & Polishers, GEMMASTA Lapping Machines, GEMMASTA Machines for Sawing, GEMMASTA Tumbling Machines, Gemmological Instruments, Grinders & Polishers, Grinding Wheels, Lamps & Globes, Lapping Film, Lapping Machines, Miscellaneous Goods, Moulded Crystal Triplet Tops, Paper-mache Sanding Wheels, Parts for GEMMASTA, Parts for Machines, Polish Powders & Compounds, Polish Powders & Compounds, priced per Kg, Press Seal Plastic Bags, Polyethylene, Press Seal Plastic Bags, Polypropylene, Protective & Safety Goods, Sanding & Polishing Belts, Sanding & Polishing Discs, Sawing Machines, Scales & Weights, Silicon Carbide Grit, Silicon Carbide Grit, Acid Treated, Sintered Diamond Laps, Sintered Diamond Wheels, Synthetic Faceting Rough, Templates, Tumbling Machines, Ultrasonic Cleaners, VV Jewellery Display Boxes, Wet & Dry Sanding Sheets. (100a Henley Beach Rd Mile End SA)
tippastools air tools, allen keys, auto accessories, caster wheels, caulking guns, clamps, cutters, dog & pet accessories, drills (masonary, steel & wood), files, gardening tools, hacksaws, hammers & mallets, homewares, hooks, knives, locking pliers, locks & padlocks, measuring tools, paint brushes, paint stirrers, plasterers tools, pliers & pincers, plumbing tools, punches, rigging fittings hasps & hinges, riveters, ropes, safety & protective equipment, saws, scissors, scrapers, screwdrivers, sharpening stones, shifters, snips, spanners & sockets, trowels, vices, wire, wire strippers, wire wheel brushes, wood chisels, workshop equipment, wrecking bars & drills, wrenches.
toolworld lapidary supplies

Craft Shopping
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