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Biggs Family History - Page 2


Monuments in Norton Church

On the north wall the arms of Bigg engraved in stone with a crescent for difference, inscribed, "Hic Jaced corpus Clementis qui fuit tertius filius Thomoe Bigg mititus humanis at (or et) clemens honestus et erudit us is hac vita cecessit 14 e die Nov. 1614 anno aetatis suae 32."

(Rough translation: Here lies body mild/kind who was third son of Thomas Bigg beginning humane/cevilised/refined and mild/kind in good repute/respectable/proper instructed/educated he here life ceased 14 day of Nov 1614 in the year of, his age 32.)

On the south wall the arms of Bigg with a label of three and a crescent and underneath. "Hic jacet corpus Gabrielis filli primogeniti Philippi Bigg Armigeri. Miles fuit fortis et intripidus haneque vitam reliquit 9 die Maii 1615 Anno aetatis suae 29."

(Rough translation: Here lies body of son original/first Phillip Bigg bearing arms. Soldier was powerful/robust/brave and bold and life left behind 9 day May 1615 in the year of, his age 29.)

In the north window of the chapel, Argent on a fess between 3 martlets sable as many annullets or, Bigg's arms. The crest on a wreath argent and sable, an arm in leaves the hand bare holding a serpent gule. In another pane Bigg's empaling argent on a chevron embattled and counte battled between 3 griffins heads erased and the stalks of roses in their beaks gule, as many roses or.

In the north wall on a raised monument the figure of a man armed except his head a helmet and at his feet the Biggs crest as before. By him a woman with a hobby open at her feet, the following inscription - "Here are interred Thomas Bigg Esq. and Maudlen his wife, sister to Sir Phillip Hobye, Knight. They were both good protestants. He travelled many foreign countries and had abroad grace from the Emperor and foreign princes and at home much favor from King Henry 8th who for his service gave him a castle by Dover and command of a double company of soldiers at the winning of Bologne. He departed this life 25th June 1581 at the age of 74. She departed 29th Sept 1574 at the age of 55." Over it Bigg's arms impaling 3 fusils in fess not colored. At head of monument are arms wreath and crest. On front pillar at side a fess with a martlet between roundells. On middle Biggs empaling on a chevron embattled, 3 roses seeded between 3 griffins heads erased holding a rose slipped in their mouths. On the third pillar Bigg empaling on a chevron 2 bars gamelles Throckmorton with annulet of 6 points for difference without colors.

On the east side of this chapel on a raised monument the figure of a knight armed except his head and hands, and opposite to him his wife both kneeling with this inscription - "Here rest bodyes of Sir Thomas Begg Knight and Ursula his wife she was the fourth daughter of Clement Throckmorton of Haseley in the county of Warwick Esq. They had nyne children videlicet Thomas, Edward, Clement, Samuell, Katherine, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth and Ursula.

Thomas married Ann the 3rd daughter of William Witham of Leadstone in the county of York Esq.

Ann married John Wright of Eastmayn in the county of Southampton Esq.

Elizabeth married Thomas Freame of Lypyatte in the Gloucestor.

These two were both zealous professous earnest followers and maintayners of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Et qualis vitas finis ita. He departed this life the 4th of May 1613 above the age 63 years. She departed this life the 13 Aug. 1601 above the age of 47 years."


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